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Your unique energy deserves support and attention. We’re here for you no matter your age, lifestyle, gender or ethnicity. Our culture is love, and we can’t wait to meet you.


What drives us to deliver good

Embrace Difference

We seek to acknowledge, empathize & amplify the individual perspectives & talents of everyone at our table.

Innovate With Integrity

We see challenges as opportunities., and we tackle them with transparency, accountability & purity of heart.

Serve With Joy

We are a people-first company, and our commitment to 100% customer happiness is rooted in gratitude.
Our Story

Vibrants was born to empower our human community with safe, effective wellness solutions that make everyday life extraordinary. At the heart of our company is a passion for helping people restore the optimal balance between mind, body, nature & spirit.

The proven benefits of traditional resonance therapy inspired us to build a new delivery system for targeted bio-frequencies that was intuitive, convenient, accessible & discreet.

After 15+ years of collaboration with our team of scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs & physicians, the Vibrants brand was born. A pioneer in therapeutic wearable technology, our bio-frequency patches are a self-care ritual designed to integrate seamlessly into your lifestyle. A sleek profile & fresh palette of soothing colors lets your personal style shine.

Each time you choose Vibrants, we are eager to listen to your needs, learn what you love & continue building a brand you believe in.


Thank you for giving us a chance to help.

I’m humbled by the opportunity to share Vibrants with you, and truly excited for you to start feeling better. I have such confidence in our technology that I am proud to give you my personal guarantee for a positive Vibrants experience. If you are unhappy for any reason with your purchase, we will make it right. Reach out to us for a full refund, and share any unused Vibrants patches with your family, friends & neighbors.

In hope and gratitude,
— Trevor Soares, Founder & CEO

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