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Deciphering Bioresonance: What Is It and How Can It Heal?

Deciphering Bioresonance: What Is It and How Can It Heal?

"Nothing happens in nature without an energy exchange…When we leave energy out of our biomedicine, we miss a vast amount of our healing potential, and we are wearing blinders."

-Dr. James Oschman

It's no secret that alternative medicine and holistic health options like energy healing and bioresonance therapy are enjoying a moment in the spotlight. (That's probably how you found our blog–welcome!) But knowing where to begin with bioresonance can feel daunting, especially because many Western medicine practitioners dismiss the positive effects of energy healing. And we definitely don't want to turn to pharmaceuticals without exploring all of our options.

So, where should you start?

First things first. Keep in mind that everyone’s personal health journey will be different. We struggle with so many issues today: depression, digestive issues, anxiety, headaches, autoimmune conditions, and the list goes on. It makes sense that we must tailor our approach to our own specific needs! Regardless of what concerns you plan to tackle, remember that a complete holistic health program will address mind, body, and spiritual health together and support a whole-body approach to healing. And this is where bioresonance shines!

So What Is Bioresonance?

So glad you asked! Let’s dig into a bit of the history of bioresonance and energy therapies. When we talk generally about energy therapies, they tend to fall into two main categories: approaches that use the human body's innate biofield alone to heal and those that use external electromagnetic devices to heal. Energy therapies date back thousands of years in Chinese medicine, though proper recognition of the body's biofield didn't come until about 400 years ago.

In the 1970s, German physician Franz Morell found that the body's electromagnetic field played a significant role in our health and wellbeing. The next question was how this biofield could be manipulated to promote healing. Dr. Morell, together with his son-in-law (an electrical engineer), developed MORA therapy, which uses electrodes placed at precise points on the body to send electromagnetic pulses that harness healing energies and drive out damaging energies. Bioresonance practitioners around the world still use modernized versions of the MORA device to support energy flow.

At its core, bioresonance therapy is rooted in the understanding that all things, living and inanimate, emit electromagnetic waves. As humans, our overall health and immune responses depend largely on this biofield remaining balanced. Unfortunately, in our modern, constantly plugged-in society, our natural energy field becomes easily blocked and unbalanced. This imbalance leads to us not feeling our best mentally or physically. The good news is that energy therapies can help rebalance and open our biofield!

How Can Bioresonance Heal the Mind and Body?

We've known for centuries that humans are electromagnetic, just like the world around us. We know that everything contains and emits energy, both positive and negative. We have a biofield impacted by both the natural and manmade environment. The goal of all bioresonance therapy is to replace negative energies with positive, healing energies and free up blocked energy channels.

Transferring positive energies to clients helps promote well-being by rebalancing their natural energies. Encouraging the flow of positive energy helps clients attain greater relaxation and alleviates stress and anxiety. Researchers have found that energy healing can have a positive impact on pain, anxiety, and even wound-healing for cancer patients as part of an integrative approach to healing. When our bio-frequencies are off, the culprit can be tough to pinpoint. The holistic healing of bioresonance acknowledges that we must take a whole-body approach to health. 

To break it down a bit further, bioresonance allows our bodies the space and tools to recalibrate. Blocked chakras and negative energy can cause illness and inflammation by inhibiting our lymphatic system's flow. Lymph fluid is similar to the plasma in our blood, and our lymphatic system runs alongside our veins and blood vessels, assisting with vital functions. In a 2015 article entitled "What role does the lymphatic system play in the treatment of chronically ill patients?" German naturopath Bettina Decher noted the three key functions of the lymphatic system: to drain or flush out toxins, to serve as the body's immune "activity center," and to act as the transportation hub for vital organ and system communication. Decher also commented on the healing mechanism of bioresonance:

"[Bioresonance therapy] can set cells in oscillation and increase the level of "flow" in tissue, and by so doing we also increase the effectiveness of the lymphatic system and, because the lymphatic system links to so many other systems, we have here an important even central, starting point for effective therapy… Bioresonance therapy works particularly well through its specific application to the major lymphatic glands providing effective stimulation to the lymphatic flow. Moreover, it stimulates and regulates the whole regulatory system of the human body."

-Bettina Decher

Because a healthy lymphatic system is so integral to our health, it makes sense that a stagnant lymphatic flow correlates with numerous health concerns. Bioresonance therapy uses our own bio-frequencies to optimize lymphatic flow, which is a fundamental piece of whole-body health. 

In 1974, prominent neuroscientist and pharmacologist Dr. Candace Pert discovered the opiate receptor in the human brain. Her groundbreaking research shaped the way scientists understand human pleasure and pain receptors and shifted our understanding of the brain-body connection. Across her fifty-year career, she became known as the “mother of psychoneuroimmunology" for her study of the mind, body, and immune response. The common thread across all of Dr. Pert’s scholarly research is that our mental well-being and physical health are inextricably linked. One cannot operate or heal independently of the other because they are fundamentally connected. It is because of this connection, Pert says, that bioresonance therapies have enormous healing potential:

"Each cell in our body is constantly vibrating, often in several different shapes, and our receptors vibrate as well. It’s a dance that’s constantly taking place in our bodies, and every cell is talking to every other cell in a rhythmic, ongoing way. In fact, the frequencies of your cells are even in sync with the audible sounds around you, which is why music and words can be very healing."

-Dr. Candace Pert

Healing comes when we unblock our energy channels and allow positive communication on a cellular level. In fact, a 2004 study in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine found that grounding or "earthing" the body during sleep had a positive, statistically significant impact on inflammation and cortisol levels. (Earthing is an energy healing technique where participants lay on the ground and connect quite literally with the Earth beneath them, absorbing all the positive energies possible.) Another biophysicist found that electrons actually have antioxidant properties. Those who practice energy medicine believe that biofield rebalance is possible because of Earth's abundant supply of electrons. These electrons sync with our cellular frequencies to support healing.

What Are Some Bioresonance Therapy Options?

There are tons of options today for energy therapies. Some folks prefer guided therapy sessions, such as sound bath experiences, Reiki healing, and Pranic healing, while others might have a preference for light-touch methods versus no-touch options. Still others might have success simply removing themselves from the stressors and negative energies that disrupt their flow. These options might include meditation, purposely spending time in nature, or earthing during sleep. You know how walking barefoot through grass or basking in the sunshine positively shifts your energy? That's exactly what we're talking about here!

Ideally, we could incorporate a variety of these healing techniques to bring ourselves back to balance. (Meditation and transformative breathwork pair especially well with bioresonance therapy!) But sometimes life has other plans for us, despite our best intentions. At Vibrants, we understand that everyone doesn't have access to pricey bioresonance tools or time to fit energy therapy sessions into their daily lives. That's why we developed our bio-frequency  patches to fit your busy lifestyle. They're safe for all ages and backed by our money-back guarantee. Best of all, our patches have no side effects and support the flow of naturally healing bio-frequencies!

If you'd like to learn more about how our bio-frequency patches can help you align your energies and feel your best, be sure to sign up for our newsletter and check us out on social media @feelvibrants!

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